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Headquartered in the USA with development, product, and project management teams in Ukraine, WebTrit operates with a flat structure. As a remote and virtual team, we pride ourselves on being highly responsive, agile, and equipped with deep expertise in Real-Time Communications and SaaS.

Hugh Goldstein WebTrit CEO 2

Hugh Goldstein


Passionate about the impact of technology on business, society, and diverse cultures, Hugh is devoted to empowering clients to create thriving and enjoyable telecommunications experiences.

With a wealth of experience in sales, business development, and marketing leadership spanning over two decades, his drive lies in developing and advancing innovative voice, video, and messaging solutions for sustainable growth.


Yuriy Cherniavskyi


As an expert with over a decade of experience in developing VoIP applications, Yuriy has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of VoIP in revolutionizing communication.

He actively contributes to open-source projects like Flutter and Janus, showcasing his dedication to advancing technology. With his coding prowess and unwavering commitment to code quality, Yuriy is a true superhero who constantly strives to create superior products.


Dmytro Cherniavskyi

Lead Developer

With 16 years of expertise in embedded and telecommunication systems, Dmitry is the driving force behind WebTrit’s exceptional back-end development. Known as the ‘man of steel,’ he fearlessly tackles and triumphs over the most challenging tasks.

Dmytro’s code is renowned for its superior quality and bug-free nature, earning him recognition as the most innovative developer by satisfied customers. His unwavering commitment to excellence ensures WebTrit’s solutions are at the forefront of innovation.


Svitlana Melnychuk

Project Manager

Before taking on her current role, Svitlana spent the previous 10 years with PortaOne, working on the company’s telecom BSS and hosted PBX platform and deploying new telco services for dozens of operators worldwide. 

With a background in telecoms, networks and user experience design she has become one of the most sought after experts for developing plans that take into account what’s ahead.

Dimitro Serdun

Dmytro Serdun


As WebTrit’s front-end developer and UX expert, Dmitro brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in mobile app development. Specializing in cutting-edge technologies like Flutter, Android SDK, Kotlin, Dart, and Firebase, he is driven by a passion for solving complex problems and constantly expanding his skills. 

Based in the picturesque city of Odessa, Dmytro is dedicated to delivering seamless and engaging user experiences through his work at WebTrit.

sasa 2023

Alex Starovoitov

Branding & Visual Comms

Harnessing a unique superpower of envisioning the bigger picture, Alex excels at creating cohesive and impactful branding strategies. With over 20 years of expertise in corporate marketing, Alex possesses a rare skill set highly sought after in the modern business landscape. 

Collaborating with Alex ensures that your brand will be communicated in a clear, consistent, and authentically on-brand manner, leaving a lasting impression.

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