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White-label, multi-platform, customizable voice/video WebRTC SDK with a touch of delight

WebTrit’s Mission

Bring smiles to WebRTC development

We make integrating WebRTC a breeze by equipping developers with a versatile toolkit to create exceptional communication solutions with ease.

What is it?

WebTrit provides a feature-rich WebRTC softphone app for Android/iOS/web with full access to its source code and all future updates included! 

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Who needs it?

If your telco is looking to increase both brand recognition and your ability to monetize within your softphone app quickly and effortlessly, then our solution is here to the rescue!

Tired of “black box” apps?

Your vendor has all the control and you end up promoting their brand, rather than yours.

Tried DIY with no luck?

Developing your own softphone app from scratch takes too long and costs too much.

Losing time?

The nuances and pitfalls of VoIP protocols is eating up your developers' and support staff's time.

WebTrit is here to the rescue

Launch a fully-branded dialer app in one day!

Fully-functional, developed, and tested already. Highly compatible with new phone models for increased confidence.

Save big on time with a delivered back-end!

You don't have to worry about developing the backend or hosting your app. We take care of that for you.

Customize it in-house!

Create your own branded app in minutes or get the full source code to change UI layout, create custom sign-up procedure, and more.

Increase attractiveness and chances to monetize!

You’re able to offer in-app offers and purchases, as well as bundle value-added services for more unique offers.

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Try the demo version of WebTrit today

Ready to talk? Let’s arrange a demo via a personal call or online presentation. 

Steps to quickly get going with WebTrit


In 5 minutes

Sign up and activate a free trial in WebTrit, get access to a “vanilla” app to start your development and testing.


In 1 hour

Configure your own domain, get access to your hosted PBX system, add your logo and colors.


In 1 day

Download your branded app and upload to Google Play or iTunes under your name.


In 3 days

Invite customers to start using your service. They can sign up with a QR code or SMS.

Ready to talk? Let’s arrange a demo via a personal call or online presentation. 

Try the demo version of WebTrit today

Why WebTrit?

WebTrit founders want to give telcos the freedom to create their own communication app or add communication capabilities to their website or product.


Proven experience

We possess over 15 years of real-life fieldwork, have successfully deployed, and are operating smoothly for our telecom customers.

Modern tech

We work with the latest technology like Flutter and use a single WebRTC platform for added efficiency and security.

Open approach

We believe in empowering our customers, so we provide you with the source code and ability to customize as you like.

Web integration

We give you a single WebTrit platform to provide calling from smartphones, MS Teams and webpages. Embed calling widget into customer’s website or CRM.

Who benefits and how?

So many people in the pipeline will be rescued when you choose WebTrit. See who and how. 

Your company

Saves money and increases efficiency and pace of development

Your developers

Decrease the time needed to develop from scratch and constantly maintain

Your customers

Get an app which is easy to start using and a delight to keep using

Obakeng Seleke

Obakeng Seleke

Founder of Alicom

“During the COVID crisis, many of our customers had to send their employees to work from home.

With the WebTrit solution we were able to offer them a reliable way to continue working. Our WebRTC app allowed them to quickly respond to rapidly changing market demands and to continue operating during difficult times.” 

WebTrit customer Unidata 1

Marco Gradillo

VoIP Engineer at Unidata.IT

“In the last 2 years, we, like most of the world, have seen a huge migration from office to home. We needed to provide our customers with stable telephony, available anywhere.

The WebTrit app helps us to do just that. We know that our customers can connect on their mobile phones, laptops or other devices, the same as if from their offices.”

Why now?

Locked in by industry giants

Why settle for limited control and costly customization options with existing solutions? With WebTrit, you gain the freedom and flexibility of source code access, empowering you to customize and stay up-to-date without compromise.

The market is evolving

Stay flexible and navigate waves and trends before it's too late. People are on the move more, and also working from home more. And they need reliable and seamless communication wherever they are. It's possible to do just that with WebTrit.

Customers are fleeing

Your customers are flocking to platforms such as WhatsApp and MS Teams. In one year alone 5 million businesses joined WhatsApp, with an estimated 2 billion users worldwide. The demand for such services is there. Will you be there to meet it?

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