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As a developer, you constantly strive to innovate and elevate your web and mobile applications with seamless voice and video calling, as well as peer-to-peer communication.

However, navigating through technical challenges and limitations like security and compatibility across various protocols, platforms, devices and browsers can be complex and time-consuming. Keeping up with changing technologies and industry standards only adds to the challenge.

Developer challenges

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At WebTrit, we understand the challenges you face when integrating WebRTC into web and mobile applications.

WebTrit's SDK empowers developers to effortlessly integrate platform-independent communication between browsers without the need for plugins or additional software, ensuring accessibility and user-friendliness of their applications.

WebTrit Benefits

Easy integration

open-source platform for WebRTC voice and video for web and mobile applications

Platform independence

communication between browsers without requiring plugins or additional software


real-time communication through the use of end-to-end encryption


a range of features and customization options to create unique communication solutions for their clients


save time and money on development costs

Promising WebRTC Markets

By utilizing WebTrit, developers can ensure their clients have access to the latest technology and features, making them more competitive in their respective markets. This accessibility and ease of use make it perfect for a wide range of applications:


facilitate telehealth services and remote patient consultations

Legal Services

enable remote consultations and virtual court appearances

Financial Services

provide video-assisted support to clients, and enable remote banking services

Real Estate

conduct virtual property tours and offer remote consultations to clients


facilitate remote learning and virtual classrooms

Customer Service

provide customer support and assistance across various industries

Travel and Hospitality

offer virtual check-ins, provide real-time customer support, and conduct virtual tours

Entertainment & Gaming

facilitate real-time voice and video chat, enhancing the gaming experience


enable remote collaboration between teams, and provide real-time support to customers

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