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Bringing a smile with an app you can launch in just one day – enjoy a fully branded UI and unlimited customizations, all with full source code access.

Softphone made easy

WebTrit is a white-lable, multi-platform softphone app for telcos and hosted PBX providers. Fully customizable and easy to use.


In the ideal world, you would develop your own branded app for voice and video calls. But in reality there is not enough time nor resources to develop a completely new app from scratch.

Whether you are a hosted PBX provider (or a reseller) pushed into WebEx collaboration or a SaaS product developer who doesn’t want to completely hand over your customer communication to Google, Cisco or Meta – we have a solution for you!


Don’t thank us, we’re just doing what we were meant to do.

For your company

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For your developers

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Tech we are using

Better media delivery

We use WebRTC to deliver media communications. This utilizes the Google WebRTC library, available in iOS, Android and all major browsers (as opposed to “classic” approach of VoIP apps by handling RTP stream).

Fast customization

The app is developed using Flutter, for higher development velocity, so we can produce native apps for iOS and Android with pixel-perfect UI from the same codebase (reduced development costs) and shorter development time.

Easy to integrate

We provide a backend (running in the cloud or in private Kubernetes cluster) that converts WebRTC into a regular VoIP (SIP) so calls can be exchanged with ordinary VoIP systems (Broadsoft, PortaSwitch, etc.) and carriers; plus connects to your BSS via plugins.

How it works

WebTrit is a tech enabler, made up of 2 parts: 

The backend

the reluctant hero of this technology

  • Handles call conversions between WebRTC & SIP
  • Enables PUSH notifications to Apple or Google
  • Connects to external systems to validate users
  • Maintains registrations with hosted PBX, and more!

No work is necessary on your end. Runs in the cloud, is monitored by WebTrit DevOps, and available with a SaaS subscription.

The frontend

the knight in shining armor

  • The user-facing mobile app or web dialer app.
  • Your SaaS subscription includes auto-build services (branded app images)

Want to get fancy? With full source code access you can totally redesign as you like.

Want to keep it simple? Don’t waste time or money – add your colors and logo and GO!


Looking for the down and dirty details? Contact us to learn more about this powerful tool.

Get going in 3 easy steps:



Your WebTrit trial is activated and your unique version of WebTrit backend is launched in the cloud.



Perform basic configurations by supplying your domain name, how to connect to your hosted PBX system, how to authorize users, etc. Then choose A or B:



You upload the app into Google Play / Apple Store under your brand name, wait approval, and then your app is ready to be downloaded and used!


Path A: Minimal effort

You supply branding elements (logo, color set, etc.) via config UI and WebTrit automatically builds your app. So easy, your UX or marketing team can do it without coding.

Path B: More effort

Your developer downloads the source code and does the customizations and designs as you want it.

Want to go deeper? Let’s arrange a demo via a personal call or online presentation. 

Features - fighting for what's right

Check out these features we decided must be included to ensure you and your customers are satisfied: 

Automated cloud deployment

Change configuration via Web UI, enjoy automatic re-launching of backend cloud infrastructure.


Offer seamless integration for end-users with easy access via QR code or SMS; no need for the user to see or type username, password, etc. - ever.

Hosted PBX / VoIP system connectivity

Calls converted into SIP; mobile app works side-by-side with existing IP phones; incoming calls can ring simultaneously on app and deskphone.

Easy billing / user database connectivity

Low-code platforms allows you to connect WebTrit to existing user database to perform authentication, within one day.

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