New tutorial video series: creating a WebTrit Adapter

These detailed videos demonstrate how to code a WebTrit Adapter. The steps can be used to connect WebTrit to many different types of PBX or UC Systems.

Creating your own WebTrit Adapter video tutorials  

Ready to enhance your communication with the new WebTrit mobile VoIP app experience?  🚀 

WebTrit has a built-in adapter that connects to your VoIP system’s database structure to enable login and authentication. 

It’s easy to seamlessly connect WebTrit to your VoIP system. Our built-in adapter ensures smooth login and authentication integration. 

Step by step videos show you how

Andriy Zhylenko, our co-founder and advisor walks you through the code, showing how to connect the WebTrit core to a Free PBX, as a general example. 

  • Intro to WebTrit and Adapter concepts & code (Videos 1-5) 
  • Connecting your WebTrit Adapter code to FreePBX APIs (Video 6) 
  • Testing and running your WebTrit Adapter (Videos 7-10) 

All the videos available on the WebTrit YouTube channel. 

We’re working on additional examples for various popular VoIP systems, which will be available soon.

We encourage developers to use these tutorials and consider contributing to the WebTrit open-source community by creating adapters for systems they’re familiar with. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

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